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Philippe Grisvard
Described as a harpsichordist and fortepianist with "iron hands in velvet gloves" (Diapason), Philippe Grisvard has established himself as one of the leading experts in historical keyboards. As a member of the Ensemble Diderot and duo partner of Johannes Pramsohler he shows time and again his creative continuo skills that "amplify and colour the entire ensemble" (Diapason). In his solo albums he presents the fruits of his musicological research and proves to be an imaginative programmer and outstanding soloist. 

Philippe's albums have been awarded with prizes such as Diapason d'Or, Gramophone Editor's Choice, and the German Record Critic's Award.
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Gramophone Editor's choice
"It feels though as if we're hearing not only a composer at his compositional zenith but also a duo at the height of their own interpretative powers:"

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Audax Milestones is a new series of EPs and single releases presenting repertoire cornerstones in our catalogue. Johannes Pramsohler and the musicians of Ensemble Diderot have curated the series from their award-winning Audax releases. Available as downloads and on all streaming platforms. >>>

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Cities series

A plaudit-garnering series that throws fresh angles on
periods we thought we all knew.  GRAMOPHONE
Ensemble Diderot prides itself on its pioneering exploration of the Baroque trio sonata repertoire, carrying out extensive research in libraries across Europe to unearth and study significant but previously unknown Baroque works. In particular with their award-winning ‘Cities’ series, the four musicians are dedicated to shining new light on the rich music-making of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, providing historical and  musicological insights into how music travelled and developed across major European cities at the time.
The first four albums of the series present important repertoire cornerstones alongside hidden gems from the earliest French and English trio sonatas through to late baroque and gallant music from Germany. A fascinating new cartography of baroque Europe as well as a plea for open borders and artistic exchange. 

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