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Photograph: Oliver Fürste
Darmstädter Barocksolisten

The Darmstadt Baroque Soloists was founded in 2004 by musicians from the Darmstadt State Orchestra. The ensemble set itself the task of finding its own access to early music, taking into consideration various music-historical traditions. In doing so, the works of the Darmstadt court composers of the baroque period have stood in the limelight time and again.

Numerous appearances and concert tours have taken the Darmstadt Baroque Soloists throughout Europe and to Turkey. In 2016 the ensemble received the “Darmstadt Music Prize.” The jury’s statement reads: “With the Darmstadt Baroque Soloists, the jury honors an ensemble that has established in Darmstadt, which is known internationally as a city of the sciences and as a pioneering center of the musical avant-garde, a further cultural focal point: the cultivation of baroque music.

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